Setting out on the journey to get your business online has many pitfalls and considerations to be addressed before you begin. Many of them are easy mistakes to make and some of them may not have occured to you, so I’m going to give you a short guide that hopefully will be beneficial as well as save you time and some headaches along your journey.

Domain Name Vs Company Name

You probably already have your company name and a look and feel that identifies you or your comany,

Layout & Design

Choosing a layout that is likely to work as opposed to one that is funky, has bells and whistles etc

Copyright Vs Copy Write

We all understand the difference between copywrite and copyright, Right? Or do we? There really is a difference betweenthe two. A writer writes copy; thus, he is a copywriter. Copy is a form of expression that promotes a person, business, opinion or idea. In addition to promotion, copy is written to raise awareness, to educate or to persuade. On the other hand copyright is the right of ownership of the idea, written word, image or interlectual property rights attributed to the owner or originator of the work.



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